Sunday, June 7, 2009

DeKalb's Calling

The last time I saw Dekalb was almost two decades ago. OK, that's not totally true. I've been back a couple times to visit. But the last time I ROCKED Dekalb was almost two decades ago. March 22nd, 1990 to be exact. I was on the road promoting the album and we had a triumphant show at Diversions on the NIU campus. It was me, Grula and Butler. Not to forget our roadie and former Dekalber, NE.

That show rinsed a whole lotta bad taste outta my mouth. You see, the previous return show was the Blitz, which is recounted extensively on an earlier post and in depth at Colicky Baby Records and Tapes. Not that this visit didn't have its own trials, but the details escape me. I do remember Butler cursing an NIU alumni in such a precise fashion that I am sorry I didn't get it on tape, for I cannot begin to replicate it. (Chris, if you can recall the details of this, I would love to have my memory jogged.)

But I am here to praise Dekalb, not to bury it. For wheels are in motion. Or so I understand. I don't know anything. Just some unsubstantiated rumors. I guess. Who am I to say? Not like I know anything bout nuthin. Nope. Clueless over hyah. Nuthin to tell nobuddy. Nope. Nuthin.

But just because I'm in the mood, here's some mp3s from that 1990 show. Not the whole show. Choice bits. Cuz I'm a tease. Yup. What I am.

And here is some vintage footage of the show, courtesy of my pal Marie's PixelVision camera. Featuring Killer on backup vox for Walk On Water and Tom Long, WEZ-L, Greg Dunlap and Susan Vincent as the Buddha Singers.


  1. I took that photo too. 100% sure.

  2. Indeed, Mr. Dunlap! I have two photos you took at that show, this one and another. And they are my two favorite live photos.