Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cover Me With Roses Vol 1 & 2

In 1989, I compiled a cassette of cover songs to sell at shows. It was appropriately titled "Cover Me With Roses Vol 1." To commemorate the 20th anniversary of that tape, I recently digitized the original collection and added a few more songs from that period. The whole package with artwork and the original liner notes is available hyah.

And now, after 20 years, Volume 2 is finally available. A double disc set that I am extremely proud of. A collection of both live and studio recordings from the last two decades featuring so many of the various bands and musicians I have worked with over the years. Artwork and extensive liner notes are included and it is available hyah.

I am pleased to offer both of these collections free to all my friends. Hope you enjoy them!

Yer pal,

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